Barraflex Housing

This German made housing Cir.1965, made for the Yashica Mat, & the Yashica Mat 124G, the late takes 120-220 Film, with the remarkable Yashinon 80mm Lens, 6X6 format, given excellent

sharp pictures, the housing was modeified, by Warren Williams, internationly renowned for his photography & his excelence in building underwater housings for camera & strobe systems, the flash

connectors are by the wet lead system allowing, the photographer to change leads underwater without any fear of leaks, Ive used this sytem for 20 years without ever a problem, this again was

designed by Peter Scoones (Founder Member British Society Of Underwater Photographers)   & Warren Williams, British Underwater Photographer of the Year 4 times, they both used this system

for many years, untill the event of many of the strobes that are available to-day and offering TTL.

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