My photographs are taken in many parts of the world and its oceans. They reflect the beauty and the natural inhabitants of sea life and gives the opportunity for all of us to be aware of the importance of conservation and the well being of our planet.


For Clubs, Schools, Societies.

Talk on Underwater Photography, How To Get Started, A Demonstration On Different Photographic Systems; Nikonos, Sea & Sea, Hasselblad, Housings, Lighting Systems, Macro Photography.

4 Hours Talk & Slide Presentation £150.00


An evening of underwater photography an intro, on both practical and picture taking, and the type of systems available, all Sea & Sea cameras will be on hand to see, the complete range of there– Lenses- Macro-Close-Ups-Strobes-Nikonos. A buffet will be served during the break, and to finish the evening off a A/V will be shown from pictures taken around the globe.


A special price is given for schools – £99.00 and each pupil will receive a photo from my collection.”Sunday In The Park With George”. 2hours will be given for slides and a A/V Presentation – though this could be cut down to 1 hour if so required. Its purpose to give the pupils a insight to our marine world and the need for us to protect our seas, and Flora-Fauna.


This is aimed at the professional and keen amateur a deeper look into the techniques of underwater photography coupled with slides talk-over, finished with a dramatic A/V – “Its A Mans World” Featuring some beautiful Girls shot in and around Jamaica, for the Jamaican

Tourist Board. A break will be given and a buffet will be served. The book on underwater photography “Sea & Sea” will be available at the special price-£16.00 normally-£20.00. My poster will be £10.00.(Limited Edition 500/1) normally £20.00. Title”The Sea Of Love”.


We can come to you or our booking is in Kingston “Newt and Ferret”Pub please give us a call if you would like to book an evening, most days are normally available or for more info please call.